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Printing and scanning for beginners




Before you print
Before you print you need to concider the following.
Which format will I use A4, Letter, Legal of Envelope. A4 is used mostly by the Europeans, while Lettersize is most popular with the North Americans. Legal size is used mostly for formal documents or one page documents which are to long for either Lettersize or A4.
Portrait or landscape. Portrait is mostly used for documents and books where landscape is often used for spreadsheets and tabels..
Which type of paper to use. Paper types vary from ... to glossy (fotos), from plain to ..., from paper to carton (business or postcards), envelopes.
One - or doublesided. With environmental policies pushing for a paperless world doublesided printing seems as a step in the right direction
Full quality or draft. Printing in draft is much cheaper so you could try to only print your end product in full quality.
After all choices have been made it is also a good idea to do a print preview to see if the pages have not shifted.
As you click on print the printer window apears.
The dropdown list above displays the printer which will be used to complete the print task. You can choose another printer by clicking on the reversed triangle to the right of the window.
Right underneath the window you can see the status of the printer. The status must be online in order to successfully print.
paper/ quality
here you will find
papersize chooses between A4, Letter, Legal, envelope or other formats
Paper source chooses from which paper tray your paper will be selected
paper type chooses between paper, cardboard, glossy paper etc
covers if you wish to print the cover page (first page) on a different type of paper than the rest of a book.
hier vind je
resizing uptions you can print the document in it's original size or adjust the size to the format of the paper or just percentually.
you can choose to print onesided or on both sides manually or on both sides automatically if the printer has these capabilities. Manual both sides means that you have to put the paper back in to the bin after having printed the first side.
x pages per sheet can print multiple pages on a sheet. Used often for powerpoint prints and for printing business cards.
automatic color scheme is chosen by the printer
manual you can choose the colorscheme
grayscale speaks for it's self

here you find differend functions to troubleshoot the printer, when you are not content with it's output.

Scanning is straight forward. HP scanners have an application on your computer which you can use to excecute a scan. In Ms Word 2003 you can use Insert > picture > from scanner to insert a scan right into you the current page at the location of your cursor. In Office 2007 you can use the Office tool microsoft clip organizer for inserting a scanned picture into a document.  In Clip organizer go to file > add clips to organizer > from scanner or camera > click to open the dropdown list and choose the scanner > custom insert > scan > OK.

There are a few scanning programs out there such as Presto pagemanager and Text Bridge Pro that use OCR to recognize text on a scan and save it to a popular text format such as ,ms word or ms excel. For instructions you can refer to the user manuals of the program you are using.

Printer installation

To install a printer you will need administrative rights to windows.

Click the start button > control panel > devices and printers. This will bring you into the application to manage and monitor printers. With this application you can install printers with the add printer option in the menu on top.

Installation of a usb printer is super easy. Connect the printer via the usb cable and switch it on. The printer will install itself. If the installation requests a cd, you can insert the cd and click OK when prompted.

Netwerk printers can be installed directly from the network or via a printer server. When you install the printer directly on your computer either via the network or via a usb cable you can share the printer with other users. When you do this your computer becomes a printer server. On the printer server you can decide who gets to print and when. You can also choose to keep a log of who prints which document on the printer and when.
When installing a printer directly from the network you will need the printer setup cd or folder, IP-address and model of the printer Choose add printer > local printer > create a new port > in the drop down menu choose Standard TCP\IP port  > fill in the ip-address of the printer and select 'querry the printer and automatically select the driver to use' > OK. If windows has the driver the installation will start automatically. If not click have disc and browse to the location of the drivers > click the setup file > wait for the installation to finnish > OK.

When installing a shared printer choose add printer > network or shared printer > and then browse via the network or use the syntax \\server\printer to find the printer. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
When a network printer has only one tray, it will sometimes fail to print when you use the wrong paper format. for example if you have A4 in your tray and you want print lettersize. To solve this issue you can load the paper or manually feed the paper in the manual feed
You can also configure the settings of microsoft office, adobe reader and internet explorer to use the paper format you use on the printer. Just be carefull with documents which you receive from others as the may be edited in a different format.
If the printer gets stuck because you have choosen the wrong format you can delete the print command in the printer driver window or with a button or the printer. If the printer remains stuck you can open the command prompt to use the commands net stop spooler followed by 'net start spooler. You can also plug out the printer, delete the print command and plug the printer back in.
IF the printer freezes often you can use the option print directly to printer. Choose print > select the printer > properties > advanced (in most printers) > print directly to printer.
The status of a printer must be Ready in order to print. Offline means that their is a problem with the network or the usb connection. Check if the printer cable sits well in it's port.
Some printer functions such as maintenance can only be excecuted by the administrator. In order to use these functions you must be given administrative rights.

Scanner Installation

Just plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer and follow the instructions.