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Iemsabi.com is created with the intent to increase the IT-awareness of its visitors.
In this guide we try to share with you everything you need to know when selecting your next laptop.
Part I highlights the most important components and how to understand their credentials.  
This part actually guides you into choosing your laptop.

The choice



Home use
These are laptops where the concentration is on having a wide variety of possibilities. These are often the cheapest models of the different brands e.g. Dell Inspiron, Acer travelmate, Lenovo Essential
Even the slightly older models will do. The Home version of any Windows from XP or Windows 7 will do, although we strongly recommend Windows 7. I want to emphasize here that Windows Vista has many problems and should not even be considered.



Dell Inspiron is Dell's model for home laptops. It is available in this link.

Lenovo Essential is Lenovo's model for home use. Find out more on this link.

Dell Inspiron R is a more stylish model of the same laptop which you can find on this link.

Lenovo Ideapad is more stylish design which is available on this link.

Studio gebruik

For multimedia editing which applications such as 3DMax, Adobe primiere en Autocad you will need a stronger laptop with a quality processor, lots of RAM and a fast Hard drive.

Dell XPS and Studio XPS
 are Dell's answer to the demands of graphical editing. You can find them on this link.

Lenovo Thinkpad
has de ...-Series with simular specs as the Studio XPS and can well be used as a studio laptop. You can find them here.



For the use in an office you will need a trustworthy laptop which has a longer lifecycle, and all the safety features. It will also need an Operating System of at least the Professional version of Windows Xp or Windows 7 which will allows it to be connected to a Domain. I would recommend windows 7 as it is user friendly and low maintence. It is also easier to troubleshoot for the network administrator in a Domain.

Vostro, N-Series, Latitude
and Precision are Dell's answer to the work at the office. When concentrating on power, safety and extras the Precision would be the best option, followed by the Latitude, then the N-Series and the Vostro would be the cheapest but also the one with the least capabilities.

Lenovo Thinkpad
is Lenovo's solution for office work . The  ...... and  ...- Series satisfy all the relevant demands and can be found here.


Gamerz need monster computers. They will need a special video card and screen, the most powerfull processors and tons of memory. In fact games should better be played on desktops because they are easier to customize and upgrade. There are laptops though which reasonably cater to these demands.


Dell Alienware is Dell's solution for gaming and can be found on this link. Dell Adamo is the most thunderas version but at this time I have not found any available. 

Lenovo Thinkpad has a more expensive version the ... - serie which could reasonably satisfy a gamerz need. You can check it out and decide for yourself.