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Internet Connection types

There are various internet connection types. In Suriname the following are available.

Dial up internet connection which works with a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) modem.  Here your telephone cable is plugged into a modem which is connected to your computer. The modem can either be internal or external. If you want to access the internet you need to dial up: make a call to your ISPN. The internet speed of such a connection is always less then 56 Kbps, which means that every second 56000 characters can be downloaded from the internet onto your computer. Nowadays with websites having pictures and animations this connection will seem very slow. The dial up internet service providers are Telesur and Parbonet.

ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) is offered by Telesur. This connection can only be used on the newer telephonelines. The telephone line is used to sent data digitally.You pay per bandwidth download / upload speed. The higher the bandwidth ( the faster the internet connection) the higher the price. The internet connection is made via a splitter that seperates the digital data (internet) from the voice data (telephone). The cable holding the data is then connected to the router which makes the data available. The Telesur modem has 5 ports which allows multiple computers to be connected to the internet at the same time. You can also connect a wireless modem which would enable you to connect wirelessly to the inernet. Telesur also has a wireless modem which it will install for you for almost twice the price of the normal router. The wireless router has 4 wired ports to connect computers with a cable. 
 Wireless Internet is offered by Parbonet. The devices involved are an antenne which receives the signal, a modem which translates the signal into data and a router which routes the external IP-address to an internal address range. You can connect your computer or your network to one of the 4 LAN ports on the router. The installation is done by Parbonet.
 Wireless voor cellphones is offered by Telesur, Digicel and Unica. In order to receive it you need a cellphone with edge, or an usb edgemodem connected to your computer.
Telesur offers the connection via a technology called HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet System). HSDPA is G3 technology. G3 offers a fast connection up to 14 Mbps. At this time Telesur's connection is between 50 en 70 Kbps which is as fast as a dialup-connection. Telesur is experimenting with higher connection speeds. The USB edge modem can be configured on your computer to allow you to connect to the internet from wherever you are. The prices are a bit steep.
Telesur 1USD/ 24 hours.
Digicel 5SRD/ MB downloaded (in comparison one song (mp3) is typically 4Mb


Telesur Setup
SMS NET ON to 4006 and you will receive a confirmation SMS from Telesur
SMS A to 4006 and Telesur will configure your modem automatically
To deactivate your internet connection
SMS NET OFF to 4006
If Telesur fails to automatically configure your edge modem or cell phone your need to configure it manually as below
 Profile name teleg
APN win.teleg.sr
Access Nr *99#
User Name teleg
Password teleg
Network Type GSM
Band all bands

Digicel setup
Start the software from the edge modem
Click on 'Settings'
From the list that appears slect Suriname
Plug in your edge modem and you have internet

Uniqa Setup
SMS NET ON to 2000 and you will receive a confirmation SMS from Uniqa
SMS A naar 2000 and Uniqa will automatically configure your edge settings
To deactivate the internet connection
SMS NET OFF to 2000
If Uniqa fails to automatically configure your edge modem or cell phone your need to configure it manually as below
Connection name: Uniqa 3G
APN (access point number) : utsnet.uts.an
Data bearer : Packet data
username: leave blank
password: leave blank
homepage: http://www.google.com