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There are many products per antivirus brand and non of them offer all the important features needed for a malware free environment. Antivirus applications are commercial and not enough based on real protection. Also when setting up the anti-virus you can choose a certain level of the heuristic capability, where  a high level value can cause  an increase of false positives (legitimate clean applications detected as viruses). And besides this; computer terror keeps coming up with new types of threats.

Important functionality which you should look for in your antivirus applications are (at this time).

01 On demand scanning

scans all the files you choose

02 On access scanning

on access protection (immediately scans every file that is accessed) at the moment it gets loaded into memory. This functionality uses much memory and it can cause latency.

03 Boot scanning

scans critical system files and start up files at startup

04 Internet security

enables safe browsing, fire-wall ,e-mail scanning and guards against id-theft

05 Heuristic capability

kan nieuwe malware ontdekken. Een hoge waarde kan voor vele false positives. Zorgen wat betekent dat normale files als malware worden gezien en eventueel verwijderd.

06 Definitions

is een database met bekende malware, welke het antivirus programma gebruikt om files op de computer mee te vergelijken.

07 Network deployment

Uses a server to control client antivirus applications on the network. The added value is the ability to have one standard configuration for all computers on the network and the benefit of downloading the updates only ones which safes a lot of bandwidth.

Mcaffee (full TVD suite), Symantic (Norton corporate edition with system center and enterprise solution), Trend micro (Serverprotect) are popular network antivirus systems.

08 Root kit detection

checks the master-boot record (MBR). The MBR is the database that determines the location of the data your hard disc.

09 Firewall and
intrusion prevention

Checks the behaviour of computers on the network and either sends a warning or blocks all computers with suspicious behaviour

10 USB Stick check
and repair

As soon as you plug in your stick it gets scanned and potential malware is immediately removed..

11 Keylogger removal

Keyloggers are small applications that register all keys you press while logging in and send the information to a website. This way hackers can detect the username and password you use to log on. 

Check out this link for an attempt to value various antivirus applications

Computer are often sold with a trial version of Norton or McAfee which lasts 30 days. After the trial period the application stops working and you will have to pay for an upgrade. You can upgrade the program online provided you have a credit card, or you can purchase the program at a local dealer. 

Windows Defender
Windows Defender comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is spyware but also pics up unwanted behaviour of malware applications. It is not an antivirus program as such.

A firewall is a hardware box or application which is used to filter out unwanted data. It can block traffic to and from your computer.  It can filter data by data type, (tcp-ports) internet traffic types, but also by specific computers via their IP or Mac-addresses. Some firewalls have a proxy functionality which allows you to cache information from the internet on your hard-disc as to speed up your browsing and the opening of websites. With a proxy it appears as if the internet is faster.